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Belly dancing is a total body workout, from neck slides to hand undulations. Belly dancing is an excellent method to get control of muscles in all areas of your body.

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It is a great way to befriend other women, in addition to having fun! It helps reduce stress, increases energy, and improves strength, muscle tone, and coordination. Come and join us for some creative energy!

Learn rib and hip movements, upper body isolations, shimmies, and floor work.

Use props such as Veils, Fans, Fan Veils, Canes, Poi, Voi, Candles, Skirts, and Swords.

Study Drum rhythms and accompany them with Zils (finger cymbals).

Practice combinations as well as complete choreographed dances.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes (preferable dancewear). All belly gear is welcome!

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50 minutes

  Learn the basic heart-pumping moves of Belly Dance!
(recommended for any skill levels—you can adjust your degree of effort)
This cardio class will get your hips swaying and feet moving to different intervals of tempos. The focus of the class is to keep your body moving by using belly dance movements that are easy to learn and follow along. Belly dance attire is encouraged!

ABellyCDrills—Fundamentals of Belly Dance

80 minutes (60 minutes at Sunflower Resort—check rates with your Activities Director)
$11 / drop-in
$32 / 4-week session (save $12)

Learn the forbidden moves of Belly Dance and improve on your technique!
(recommended for the new dancer or as a refresher for the seasoned dancer)
This introductory level drill class focuses on foundational belly dance movements (lifts, drops, slides, twists, traveling, etc.) and related skills (such as ballet positions, jazz footwork, timing, and more). With Egyptian Cabaret influence, you will learn movements from head slides to hip slides and chest pops to knee shimmies. You will learn how ballet movements such as Pas du Bourrée and Piqués are modified and used in belly dance. By the end of the session, you will have combinations of moves you can use to create a choreography of your own. Belly dance attire is encouraged!

choreo cram
Choreo Cram

80 minutes
$11 / drop-in
$32 / 4-week session (save $12)


Learn beginning to intermediate level choreography!
(recommended for dancers who learned the foundations or can pick up and follow moves fairly quickly)
Take all that you learned in the Foundation Drills classes and put them all together with combinations and choreography. Advance your movements, improve coordination with exercises incorporating zils, veils, cane, fans, and more. Discover your own style, and enjoy the comradery of your fellow dancers. You will have the opportunity to perform choreography learned in the class at Daddy-O's Bar and Grill on 43rd Avenue and Thunderbird every second Saturday of the month. Belly dance attire is encouraged!


Belly Essentials

80 minutes
$11 / drop-in
$32 / 4-week session
(save $12)

Train your body with awareness, essential belly dance movements, balance, flexibility, and strength.
(recommended for ALL skill levels for a full-body workout)
Choreography is a fun challenge, but we still need to focus on fine-tuning our body, mind, and spirit. Your body is your instrument, so you need to keep it consistently maintained and polished to be able to perform properly. Get more toned, balanced, and flexible in this 80 minute class. Yoga attire and yoga mat are recommended.

Private Lesson or Class with Diosa

60 minutes
$50.00 (travel fees added east of Glendale)


Take a private lesson with Diosa!
(recommended for dancers who need one-on-one training or would like to have a private session with friends)
Tailor your lesson to your end goal. You can "boot camp" and get a quick overview of the fundamental moves, learn a choreography, or spend more time on technique; it's up to you! Maybe you would like to just have a fun, interactive class for you and your friends! I can provide hip belts for you and your friends to borrow, or you can use your own. I'll teach you the fundamentals, and we'll combine the moves you learn into a short choreography. You can even video record the final dance as memorabilia for years to come. Book a private lesson or class at my home studio with no travel fees!


The Desert Flowers
Desert Flowers Troupe

120 minutes
monthly Studio fee
includes access to all classes

Audition to become a member of an exciting dance troupe!
This ongoing Troupe rehearsal is intended for serious and dedicated students who are interested in performing at public venues, such as cultural fairs, festivals, senior communities, coffee shops, corporate parties, and more! Rehearsals incorporate both Beginning and Intermediate Choreographies with a variety of props—swords, fans, canes, candles, poi, veils, and more. Choreographies are created by Diosa, as well as by troupe members. Other choregraphy used or modified in performances were created by Danah Stedman. Two hip-hop/fusion pieces are used with permission by Naimah. Most prop items are available to borrow for rehearsal, though purchase of costumes and props are required to perform. Learn costuming techniques, as well as tricks and tips of the trade. Dance styles are not strictly limited to Egyptian Cabaret, but expand to belly fusion with Hip Hop, Bollywood, even Experimental pieces such as Creatures of the Dark, Disney inspired themes, and more. Embark on a new adventure! If you are a dedicated, seasoned dancer and enjoy the company of women with morbid/crude senses of humor, then you may just be the right fit for our troupe! Set up a date with me for an audition.

Contact me at:
(602) 573-6238

Please type "BELLY DANCE" in the subject header.

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